[TITLE KNOWN BUT WITHHELD until the launch]

When an ocean-loving big-city girl returns home to small-town Ohio, everyone she loved is dead or gone, the house her grandmother left her is not quite the way she remembered it in some terrifying ways, and the town she thought she knew is harboring magic, mystery, and a whole lot of secrets that are trying to kill her.

So she stays...


Secret Identity Writer's Super-Secret Club.

I'm a commercially published and indie-published writer starting out with a new name because I wrote both fiction and nonfiction under my real name, and KILLED my relevance numbers.

So now I have to write all five books in the genre I love (small-town urban fantasy - think Ilona Andrews or Patricia Briggs) before publishing anything in order to rapid-release the first five books over five months.

I'll send out occasional SIWSSC Updates to let you know how things are going...

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